Air Safaris 269

Air Safaris 269

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  • Genial Host
  • Skilled Pilot
  • Experienced Guide
  • Fellow Vegan

I specialize in helping vegan travelers to go on a safari holiday stress free.

If you want to know more about vegan safaris, find out how it’s possible to go on Safari as a vegan, or if you want to know someone is out there to help you with your safari itinerary then I can help you.

I am a former ex-airline pilot. I have had an amazing 25 year career doing what I love which is flying around Africa and South East Asia.

I was born in Namibia where I also started my career, flying tourists to some of the most amazing destinations around Southern Africa.
In parallel to my airline career while living in the east I managed a safari consultancy introducing people from Asia to Africa.

I have always had a dream of returning to Africa, where I started my career. The dream was to have my own operation with the vision and opportunity to serve conscious  travellers.

When Covid 19 struck in 2020, we sensed that everything was changing in terms of traveling needs, eating habits and people wanting to make a difference.

This was our cue to explore a new destiny for ourselves and be a part of the change. We want to serve conscious minded travellers, to explore Africa in a conscious way.

We felt that travellers like us would want be part of the solution. I now operate as a pilot-guide on all my trips. I look forward to hosting you as I accompany you to all my favourite destinations around Southern Africa.

"I look forward to welcoming you on African shores to tick off that bucket list item to come on an African Safari."

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